Bears and deer

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Bears and deer

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well we've had numerous bucks on camera. A fair number of does ,some with fawns.

After my shot my buck , it was a couple days till we could hunt again.
Not much action, young does and a spike or 2. Checked cameras. Not much action.

Sitting a morning stand yesterday. I saw the same young blk bear twice in an hr. Wondeing back and forth first down by swamp and bedding areas. Then right thru the middle of everything, including food plots and mature acorn dropping oaks.

Got to thkn , we had yotes on camera . Before gut pile, usually always hear them enjoying free meal. But not this time. Seems like they are gone too.

Wondering how long the bear has been here and is he part of the no deer problem.

Sure if bears are common to an area ,deer will adjust and live with them. Knowing birthing season will make bears more active too.

No bears on camera
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