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New (to me) Apex

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Hey everyone,

So I just picked up a lightly used Apex, the 90# version. I'm pretty stoked about the purchase. Also comes with a set of camo 130# limbs but I'm not sure that I would swap them out. Maybe they were limbs for a Vixen, I don't know.

If a new trigger is in order, what's the word on the ACP trigger from Excalibur? I have a pretty nifty little 4x scope that I may use but I think I'll need the aftermarket mount, correct? (The reticle is my photo here).

It's blue but is supposed to have an adult sized stock. I did look up our rules in Alabama and the threshold is 85# for crossbows so if I wanted to hunt with it I could.

But I'm more interested in plinking and maybe some small game hunting. Anyone hunting rabbit or squirrel with their bows?
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