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Forum Rules - Please Read

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Excalibur Crossbow Forum Rules, Please read

1. Above all, respect each other. While we realize that discussions may get heated, vulgar language or name calling cannot be tolerated. Masked vulgar language (ie, w*rd, rul*s, etc) is considered vulgar.

2. If a moderator removes your thread or post, contact a moderator by PM to request their reasons, or to explain yourself. Moderators are only human and there may have been a misunderstanding. Threatening a moderator will not be tolerated.

3. Please use the PM feature to contact other members or forum moderators about any issue. Do not start a thread or use a post for this kind of contact. Do not start a thread or make a post protesting a mod or admins actions (this includes protesting the banning of a member).

4. Please use good taste in your choice of avatar. Nothing sexual, hateful or of a violent nature is tolerated.

5. Please limit your signature block to 5 lines or less, and size #2 or smaller. Signatures may not contain links to websites or contact information. Signatures may not be used to sell or advertise products .

6. Do not use posts to correct another poster's spelling or grammar - this is rude and unnecessary. If you do not understand what they are saying, ask them to clarify.

7. Do not interrupt a thread's content direction to bring attention to another agenda or product.

8. Minors are not allowed to post in the Trading Post section due to legal restrictions. Parents may post for their minor children and are responsible for all transactions.

9. Remember that use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN A POST is the same as shouting. It is best not to use all capital letters as it is difficult to read and is intrusive to readers.

10. The following are not allowed in a post:

Material that is threatening, harassing, racist or abusive to any party. Content that is sexual, defamatory, hateful, potentially slanderous, conversations in violation of any law is not tolerated. Knowingly posting false or misleading material will result in moderator action.
NOTE: This includes Racial attacks, and racial slurs of any kind, directed at a fellow member or not. This rule also pertains to persons running for political office regardless of party affiliation.

11. Use the proper forum for your threads.

12. Spamming is not allowed. Spamming can be defined as using a post to promote a product or agenda.

13. Asking for money, donations or discount codes is prohibited.

14. Alters... Creating an alter for the purpose of deception is NOT allowed! The alter will be banned and the original user may also be disciplined.

15. Thread bumping is limited to 4 times per 24 hour period for all members.

16. Embedding a hidden link into a post is not allowed and will not be tolerated. This will be treated as spamming the forum.

17. PMs shall remain private. Posting a PM on the open forum is not tolerated.

18. No political posting across the entire forum, these will be deleted and members will be disciplined. This forum was developed as a place to discuss crossbows and crossbow hunting, if you want to engage in other topics we suggest you find an appropriate social media outlet.

19. If you have an issue with an Excalibur product or service please do not post it here to complain, contact customer service [email protected] and your issue will be addressed. Posting complaints or bashing any product will not be tolerated.

20. Please remember that this forum is moderated by Excalibur Crossbow staff so we are typically only available during working hours. During hunting seasons we can become busy so please give us time to respond when contacted.

Moderator actions:

A moderator may find that a thread or post has violated a rule and will either edit it or remove it. In some cases, this may be accompanied by a warning to the poster and, in extreme cases, banning of the member and his IP. Banning may be temporary or permanent depending on the offense. Appeals may be made by PM or email to administration and then a final decision will be made.

These rules are site wide. They apply equally to chat, articles, pictures, reviews, and any other section of the forum. If your actions warrant banning it is site wide and applies to all accounts coming from your IP address.

This forum was created for Excalibur crossbow owners and enthusiasts and has mostly been policed by its members. Moderators will intervene when necessary. Treat each post as if your 10 year old daughter was going to read it. Keep the content clean, honest, and free from sexual innuendo and foul language. Above all, respect others and they will respect you.