OT: GOABC Goes To Court re Grizzly Hunt

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OT: GOABC Goes To Court re Grizzly Hunt

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Hunters go to court over ban on grizzly bear hunt

B.C. professional hunting guides and outfitters are in court today to challenge a provincial ban on grizzly bear hunting that they say was purely political and not based on sound wildlife conservation science.

B.C. hunting guides and outfitters, led by Ron Fleming and his wife, Brenda Nelson, of Love Bros. & Lee are seeking certification of a class action lawsuit against the government, arguing the ban has caused them undue financial harm and was not warranted by conservation concerns.

In their petition to the BC Supreme Court, they argue that the decision to outlaw the grizzly bear hunt in B.C. has been devastating to the more than 100 guide outfitters in B.C. that relied on grizzly bear hunting as part of their business.

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