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Robinsons Rebel
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Anybody has success with using products like Tink 69?
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Re: Tink

Post by janesy »

My buddy had a bottle burst in his truck. Other than that I have no experience.
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Re: Tink

Post by Normous »

janesy wrote:
Sat Dec 24, 2022 9:14 pm
My buddy had a bottle burst in his truck. Other than that I have no experience.
My buddies wife had a bottle spill out in her carry knapsack on way to stand. The knapsack went into the garbage is was so rank.
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one shot scott
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Re: Tink

Post by one shot scott »

Years ago i introduced a newbie to hunting. I set him up with camo, put him up in a tree stand, i think i lent him my bow. But i also had some tinks on a sent drag all the way to where he was sitting. Sure enough a small buck with his nose to the ground came to him like he was on a string. He was hooked

Also had it spook deer too lol. What works on day may not the next.
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Re: Tink

Post by Boo »

I’ve tried a few on a decoy including Tinks. I’ve had the same experience as Neil said in that only immature deer are curious but cautiously curious. Absolutely no mature bucks were interested. Might work in a scrape but never tried. Whatever you do, let us know what happens.
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Re: Tink

Post by robertyb »

Boo wrote:
Sun Dec 25, 2022 12:17 pm
I’ve tried a few on a decoy including Tinks. I’ve had the same experience as Neil said in that only immature deer are curious but cautiously curious. Absolutely no mature bucks were interested. Might work in a scrape but never tried. Whatever you do, let us know what happens.
Sounds no different than peeing off a stand. I have had many young bucks come in to investigate when I did so but have never seen a mature buck do so. My brother did kill a real nice 6 point buck years back that came to Tink's 69 poured into cotton in a bottle he had set out. It had the cotton pulled out of the bottle and in its lips when he shot it. I have had mature buck's work scrapes that I have peed in many times.
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Re: Tink

Post by Carnivorous »

If Rutt Daniel's uses it it's got to be good. Lol


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Re: Tink

Post by IronNoggin »

Don't know about the Tink stufff...

But I can tell you the fastest way to put your truck into the advanced version of detailing is to break a bottle of Ten Dead Horses in it!! :lol:

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Re: Tink

Post by longbow joe »

I use tinks Relax it's kinda like evercalm but in spray form.
Lately it's all I use l swear by it.
I'm sure it's just deer urine in spray form it's got that "pissy" barnyard smell but it really masks your odor that is what's important.
I will vouch for the stuff 100 💯 percent.
When winter comes it's a lot harder to fool a deers nose sometimes too strong a scent will actually scare them ...use scent more sparingly in the winter you will have better results.
I have had deer come in like a madman to regular tinks and sometimes they literally act like it's not there.
If it masks human odor or distracts them it's still better than not using it..that's the way I see it.
I have a homemade vanilla scent I make with vanilla/ almond extract and maple syrup l use a lot in early season in conjunction with the relax I'm very happy with the combo .
But in the winter l just use the relax but not a lot of it as in the fall.
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Re: Tink

Post by BrotherRon »

I stopped using doe in heat scent after I had a nice buck following a doe that was in heat...
She got one wiff of it and turned tail taking the buck with her.
My thought is that she didn't want to bring her buck near another hot doe and lose her date.
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Deaf jeff
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Re: Tink

Post by Deaf jeff »

i have used and continue to use the all season smoke sticks from tinks and have seen bucks and does put their nose inches from the smoking stick over the last several years and has not alarmed them , with that said there has also been times that no attention was given to the smokin stick. i dont use them every day out but a few times each season. but i cannot say anything good or bad about the #69
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Re: Tink

Post by nchunterkw »

I've tried a lot of scents and things over the years and as many have said have had younger bucks come in. Evercalm, Tinks 69, Trails End #307. All about the same.

At this point I've opted to just try to smell like nothing and play the wind. I think a lot of those scents are like fishing lures. Designed to sell the hunter....not necessarily work. Deer are VERY perceptive of their environment. They notice everything and if there is a new odd smell, they will go on alert.
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