VERY Interesting Development!!

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VERY Interesting Development!!

Post by IronNoggin » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:11 pm

Been saying we need something like this one hell of a long time!!


Hunter Heritage Program

Our way of life is under attack and science-based wildlife management has taken a back seat to emotional and ideological decision making.

Under the weight of politically manipulated social pressure, hunting opportunities have been eliminated here in BC and around the world.

Last year’s grizzly hunting ban was a wake-up call, a stark reminder that we cannot afford to be complacent. The antis are far from done. The battle to save our hunting heritage is just beginning. And so far, it’s a battle we’ve been losing.

What will our community do? What will be our legacy when, years from now, people look back on this critical point in time?

Will hunting still be “a way of life”, or just a memory of what some of us once enjoyed?

The Wild Sheep Society of BC is not going down without a fight.

With the support of its members, the WSSBC will soon be launching an aggressive project through our Hunter Heritage Program dedicated to ensuring our right to hunt is preserved. This is consistent with 2e of our Constitution, which states:

“The purposes of the Society are to maintain and promote the right to hunt in a safe and ethical manner and to foster good will, sportsmanship and fair chase in light of all rules and regulations.”

It is important to acknowledge that our primary focus is, and always will be, wild sheep conservation. The Hunter Heritage Program was established so that our conservation dedicated funds would remain isolated from any other purpose. This is where we need your help.

We have engaged Kelowna based Monashee Media to execute on our vision to take back control of the hunting narrative and the image of the hunter in popular media. This is not a small undertaking. It will take the support of our entire community to achieve our goals.

The program will be officially unveiled in February 2019. We have already received a commitment of over $40,000 to the program from a handful of our dedicated members. We are now asking for your financial support. The future of our hunting opportunities depends on it.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $100 to help us fund our Hunter Heritage Program via a donation drive that will run from November 16th, 2018 – January 15th, 2019. Italian Sporting Goods has donated a Tikka T3 Stainless Synthetic .300 Win Mag rifle in support of this cause and for every $100 that an individual donates, they will receive one entry to win the rifle*. For example, if you donate $1,000 you get 10 entries. Every dollar raised through this drive will go to funding our Hunter Heritage Program and preserving hunting opportunities for years and generations to come.


This ambitious project will be unveiled the week of February 3 rd , 2019. It is important to note that if we are to change the public perception of hunting, we must focus on the non-hunting public. The harsh truth is we have been doing a poor job of this to date. We must adapt.

Although the anti-hunters are the most vocal, the overwhelming majority of people remain neutral on the topic of hunting. It is their hearts and minds that we must win over and educate. This campaign is designed around that premise.

The initial launch will consist of several short videos that will be distributed via digital media channels with the purpose of driving traffic away from the toxic environment of social media to a new stand-alone website. This platform will host longer videos, articles, and a podcast series, along with other thought provoking material.

In totality, the content will serve the express purpose of engaging, inspiring and educating the non-hunter, and through these efforts, show the average non-hunter that our way of life is relatable and acceptable in modern society.

If we win their hearts and minds, we will win this war.

Facebook Campaign:

• The program, has been exclusively developed and paid for by the Wild Sheep Society of BC, however it will not be openly tied to our organization.

• We are marketing a pro-hunting campaign and will have no reference to Wild Sheep or any other special interest group in the hunting space. There is one mandate, to create a public relations outreach campaign that preserves our right to hunt and improve the diminishing social license of the hunter. We need the support of the hunting community to achieve this.

• The campaign will officially be launched in February 2019 with the help of a well-known hunting celebrity.

• Professional program development services have been contracted to Monashee Media, Kelowna, BC.

• Support of other stakeholders in BC for assistance with marketing and distribution costs.

• The campaign is designed for the greater non-hunting public consumption. There is an important distinction that this is not designed for consumption by hunters or targeted at the anti-hunting community.

• Campaign is tiered in two phases initially with roll out in February 2019. Phase two of the initial roll out is timed for spring bear season in BC as we see increased pressure from the anti-hunting community at that time and increased media coverage.

• The goal of the project is to use short videos on social to drive people to the website where we will have our longer form content and ultimately to in-person events. Removing the greater public from the worst medium for our cause (social media) is imperative.

• Plans include a 2019 summer BBQ in downtown Vancouver or Victoria for the ultimate outreach forum that will provide a wild meat experience and an opportunity for meaningful discussion on why hunting is relevant and positive. However, this outreach BBQ is subject to funding and manpower commitments and is not yet confirmed.


WSSBC feels strongly that we need to take steps to change the narrative around hunting, hence we have committed $60,000 toward the development of a professionally crafted outreach program to reach the broader urban non-hunting public. We are soliciting the support of other hunters, stakeholders, and conservation organizations to deliver this message to British Columbians. We feel that we as hunters need to come together as one, unified, with a common goal of seeing. That our way of life is preserved, as we are becoming irrelevant in a swiftly changing urban landscape.


They certainly will be seeing my support!! :cheers


"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

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