2007 Season Trophy Room

This area is for all pictures taken in previous and current hunting seasons.
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Heres mine Oct 20 ,9am Phoenix, 100 gr Muzzy Gold tip laser 2

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Re: 2007 Season Trophy Room

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Excalibur Marketing Dude wrote:OK guys and gals you've been wanting a 2007 trophy room area so here ya go! Place all of your pictures and stories from your hunting efforts for the 2007 season in this section. Please place all other pictures in our normal trophy room area. Good luck everybody!

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10/29/07 - (heavy horned 6pt)
exocet 200
100gr rage 3blades
28 yard shot(lower rear shoulder/shoulder hit)
deer traveled roughly 45 yards after shot


I had a little spike walk by about 30mins before this one came out behind my stand in a creek bottom. He scraped and raked a small tree for 5-10 mins before I decided to take the shot. He's only a 6pt, but 19 inch spread and green scored 125 B&C with 7inch base measurements. The deers age was roughly 3.5-4 years old. Weight was 185 pounds :D
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Shot October 31, 2007 about 5:30 pm. Exocet 200, 100 grain Slick Tricks, about 25 yards out from my tree stand. Walked and stumbled for about 35 yards and then fell over. On the hit, he just lurched but didn't really jump. Good double lung shot, I could see blood dribbling out as he walked off so I knew the hit was good. 2nd ever Xbow deer. He is 8 points and weighed 165 lbs field dressed at the butcher shop. Sorry about the poor picture but its the only digital one I have right now.

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A spike(well could be called a 3 point, has a small browtine on one side). Exocet 175, 125gr Muzzy, GT Gold Tip laser 2

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An 8 Point taken Nov. 3rd. He was lookin for Does. 21 yard shot with Phoenix and 100 grain Slick Tricks. He went 60 Yards.
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This 7pt was shot Nov 8th with my Vortex and 100gr TecanII's at 22yds and he ran aproximatly 35yds.Image
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I took an 8 pointer tonight ( errrr last night, it's 12:30AM now). I will include a photo and story after I get some zzzzzzzzs
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Five point Buck

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Here is my "Heavy" bodied five pointer taken in start of Nov. 07
Exomax, 100 gr. Slick's, my custom bolts(Laser 11's) Comfybear's string, 25 yd. shot heart and lung.


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And my 07' Turkey taken with Exomax art 15 yds.


Phoenix - 375 gr. BEE's (babyneilsons)
Micro 315 - 410 gr. Zombies/Lumenoks
Micro 355. - Punisher-Zombies/Lumenoks

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2 11pt's 4 days apart

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first elk 6x6

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12 PT .

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A friend of mine shot this buck last week in Southern Ontario with a shotgun.He owns an excalibur though.[iImagemg][/img]
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Here is my photo for the contest. I like this one because my kids are in it and they are proud of there dad and love to hunt with me as often as they can. My oldest was really mad because the day I shot the buck he was supposed to come with me but was not feeling good so stayed home. Boy he wishes he came with me now.


buck from October.

buck from December gun hunt.

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Wild boar taken in Indonesia

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