Anyone have & want to report on the 2016 Micro 335 ?

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L. E. Carroll
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Anyone have & want to report on the 2016 Micro 335 ?

Post by L. E. Carroll » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:41 am

As the topic says, Im looking for input on the new and slightly modified Matrix 335 ?

As I understand it the rail is slightly longer to make up a slight speed loss from changing the limb angle a bit more.

I know the Gen. 1 models were considered by many to be over achiever's speed wise, and I'm wondering if the new model is also ?

Some, if not quite alot of info is being reported on the new 315 and 355 Micros and all I've read is impressive.

I'm asking about the new Micro 335 to see how it compares to the origional model which many here are familiar with.

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