Comprehensive TwinStrike YouTube Review

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Comprehensive TwinStrike YouTube Review

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Here's a comprehensive review from CrossbowExperts on the Excalibur TwinStrike crossbow for those of you who are wondering if it's for you.

The way I see it, the new innovations introduced in this bow will, in the future, probably migrate and be adapted to the existing single shot Excalibur crossbow line. Whether it be the new limbs, or the new ceasefire system using the Rhino nock system.
I also can see folks wanting to probably upgrade their present scope with the new Overwatch scope, and replacing their quiver with the new "tightspot" quiver.

In summation, even if the new TwinStrike isn't for everyone, perhaps some of it features might be of interest to those who have no use for a two shot crossbow. So let's give Excalibur credit for their innovative efforts.
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