OT - East Elgin Sportsman's Association Open House

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OT - East Elgin Sportsman's Association Open House

Post by DirtyGun » Fri May 25, 2012 4:58 pm

I'm not associated with this club, however, I do know the president, who not only is the president of the club, but is also one of the regional spokespersons for the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

This is one of the best events in Southwestern Ontario to attend for firearms enthusiasts, or those interested in the shooting sports. It is an especially good event if you have that one member (or a few, in my case) of your family who has an unhealthy fear of guns and thinks that all gun owners are low class rednecks (well...just some of us :lol: ).

I'll be there on June 9th. The event runs June 9th and 10th. Lots of different (including rare) firearms will be available to put a few rounds down range.

So, Southwestern Ontario folks...grab a few of your friends who are afraid of things that go bang and bring them down. The instructors on hand this weekend are used to working with first timers and are some of the best around.

http://www.eesa.ca/media/Web_EESA_2012_ ... Poster.pdf

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