Refurbished Excals at Cabelas including 405 on sale

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Refurbished Excals at Cabelas including 405 on sale

Post by L. E. Carroll » Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:01 am

I see aCabelas sale is going on from the Axiom all the way up to the 405 ... This includes the 330, 355,380 and a special all inclusive 335 Micro package... All bows are listed as " refurbished " and marked down $50 - $100 and that does not take into effect the Military and veteranss discount for those vets who qualify. :D

My guess, and it's a guess only, is that these particular bows all have the "Modified" risers, where they have the new, very slight additional taper at the end of the limbpoockets, thus lowering the pressure that the older sharp edged models may have had ?

I do know the camo riser I got from excal to build my 380 did have the "Modified" riser and showed some additional work accomplished in the last perhaps 1/2" of the limb pocket.

I'm not sure that it would pick up additional speed because of this, as mine actually croned about 5 fps less than most guys reported reporting, but personally I am glad to sacrifice those 5 fps for the added confidence I have in my bow as too limb issues in the future.

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