Multigenerational twist

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Multigenerational twist

Post by Montana Mark » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:43 pm

Off topic (not crossbow related). So today, I went up to my folks to tell them I didn’t want to buy their house (1M$ house for a song—they want to downsize) and made up some excuses but the real reason was that I want to be my own man even if it is a struggle. It was a difficult decision and I came home relieved and free that I didn’t feel pressure to carry on my dads legacy and could do my own thing and pursue my own dream. I was happy and in a good mood and told my son that I turned my dad down and prefer my simpler life and that I would better be able to help them with college and medical school. Still in a good mood, I went to town to buy some steaks to cook for my family and my parents (invited them over). Came back to find that my son left angry saying he didn’t want our help. I was astonished and only after thinking about it, I realize that I am just like my father in that I want to help my kids and that my son is just like me in that he doesn’t want my help. What a twist! I texted my son and apologized, explaining that the main reason I turned my father down was so that I can be “be my own man” and that I understand that he deserves to be his own man also. I am glad my son said he would be up for steaks and I’m sure everything will be fine. I guess I just need to let go. He deserves to make his own way. (I’ll still help him as much as he’ll let me.)
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