Safe Storage For Crossbows and Other Stuff

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Safe Storage For Crossbows and Other Stuff

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When Jean Chretien and Allan Rock came up with the Firearms Registry in Canada, they contemplated including crossbows in their registry. The PAL card even had crossbows listed as on possible item that could be approved.

So, for those of us in Canada who own crossbows, maybe it's wise to think of our crossbows as being a potential future target of our Liberal social warriors.

I came across this site that has some good ideas for safe, possibly concealed, storage. Mind you, it was for firearms, but the same considerations would apply, I think. I would think a good, watertight, sturdy, vault should be possible without being horribly costly. It could be handy for storing all kinds of valuables.

Here's the link :

Maybe you folks have ran into other ideas for effective storage, such as what could be used for a vault and how to locate the vault where it would be safe?
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